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  • The whole performance was uplifted with intense energy from start to finish. Be sure to go hang out with these living rockstars

    Natalie Perez, Allaccess Magazine
  • The songs “Lost” and “Inside Out” are better than any current mainstream rock song on radio or satellite

    T.R. Riter, Origivation
  • They are a band to keep an eye on and a must see

    Melissa Anderson, Music Examiner
  • Star Off Machine is a Musical Force that is a storm forthcoming and will lay to waste the LA Music scene

    Xombiewoof Magazine


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    Burn This Number of tracks : 5

    Album Name: Burn This

    Composer: Star Off Machine

    Release Date: 2009/10/26

    Genre: Rock

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    Coming out of Huntington Beach, CA is the rock foursome Star Off Machine with their new release Burn This . Formed in early 2007 by Erick Holloway (vocals), Robin Charlet (guitar), Tut (drums) and Jeremy Whitely (bass), Star Off Machine has put together a respectable collection of twelve rock shock anthems with a smattering of melodious ballads. It s easy to hear that their influences are many... echos of Sevendust, early Kings X and a better executed Warrant-esque sound flow throughout. While overall the tracks are palatable, Burn This gets a bit more tasty around track 4- Walk Away - takes the entire cd in a different direction and lands the listener in a place where the band seems more at home and is trying less to impress... the result being that the songs are less contrived and manufactured sounding and more genuine and heartfelt. It s clear that Star Off Machine has the energy and drive to be on the sound radar, with more than capable musicianship, memorable hooks, and more often than not, better than average lyrics, the next question is where will the drive take them... in the mean time, Burn This is disc changer worthy. --All Access Magazine


    1. Side Of Me

    2. Walk Away

    3. Inside Out

    4. Lost

    5. Disaster

    Wake Me Up Number of tracks : 5

    Album Name: Wake Me Up

    Composer: Star Off Machine

    Release Date: 2014/07/28

    Genre: Rock


    Star Off Machine is a Musical Force that is a storm forthcoming and will lay to waste the LA Music scene. In the vein of musical dynamics and creative artistry, Star Off Machine, akin to their LA Compatriots, such as Heaven Below or Adler, Star Off Machine look to create Music with meaning and a message, and not drunken brawl recorded to CD. Based out of Huntington Beach, California, band members Erick Holloway, Robin Charlet, Aaron Wilder and Greg Tuthill have created a perfect blend of Hard Rock, Ballad Metal, harmonic lyrics with soulful meaning and elegant composition. I did some research and found out that they are not a new upstart band but have been well established and have a loyal following. Here are some facts about them: Star Off Machine was honored and awarded Best Hard Rock Band and Rock Group of the Year at the prestigious Orange County Music Awards (OCMA) and the Los Angeles South Bay Music Awards (SBMA). Star Off Machine has shared the stage with the Sevendust, Saliva, Taproot and Marcy Playground with sights on more great line ups for future performances. With influences of Breaking Benjamin, Incubus, Taproot, Sevendust, Chevelle, Foo Fighters, A Day to Remember and My Chemical Romance, Star Off Machine has not only the potential, but the destiny to be a new super-group that could break the infamous glass ceiling that the former legends of Rock have set as the Gold Record standards. Best songs on this album, out of all the fantastic and well executed recordings to choose from are Make Me , Power Of One , Side of Me , Left Behind and of course, the title track Wake Me Up - Hard and Heavy with piercing vocals that drive the message of the music home, not one song a disappointment and every note memorable, this band is on the road to every collectors vault of music that will be instrumental in the future of Rock s best independently produced albums of the year. --Xombiewoof Magazine


    1. Wake Me Up

    2. Make Me

    3. Belong

    4. Left Behind

    5. Power Of One

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